Maximize SEO Conversion

Turn one-time visitors into long-term users

You've built your site's reach through Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Marketing (SEM). You've got visitors landing from major search engines. But the vast majority of them visit once and never come back. How can you convert more of them into long-term users?

 TopicTagger is an ideal solution for building high-quality, automatically-updated landing pages that focus on your critical search terms.  Instead of a single article,  first-time users see a rich variety of resources.  They click on more pages during their first visit, and they are far more likely to return when they need information on similar topics. 

As new search terms arise, it can be difficult and expensive to back-tag previous content for new topics. Going forward, with many landing pages to keep in mind, it can be difficult for editors to hand-tag articles in a consistent way that maximizes user experience. 

That's where T0picTagger comes in.   Integrate automatic tags with hand-tagged content to fill out your landing pages, and keep them up to date. Easily create new tags, and fill a landing page in a few minutes.