High quality tags at a radically lower price

TopicTagger can replace systems that cost tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars to purchase and operate.  If you're curious, find out why our software is less expensive here.

 There are multiple levels of service to meet your needs.

 Free trial: Register and tag up to ten documents per day using publicly available tag sets.

10K Trial: Create tag sets up to 1,000 total tags. Submit up to 100,000 documents for tagging in batch mode. Cost: $10,000. 

1K Plan: Create tag sets up to 1,000 total tags. Tag up to 1,000 documents per month. Cost: $1,000 per month.

 Multi-site Basic: For publishers that need to tag across multiple sites.  Basic consultation on creation of tag sets, up to 2,000 total tags. Initial tagging of back-catalog up to 200,000 documents. Monthly service, tagging up to 10,000 documents per month. Cost: $20,000 set-up fee plus $2,000 per month.

Multi-site Deluxe: For publishers with more complicated tagging needs. Extended consultation on tag sets, more total tags, higher monthly volume, and additional features. Cost: $20,000 set-up fee, $4,000 per month.